Amazon has announced Fire TV, after months of rumors and reports on the e-commerce giant building a set-top box, we finally get a look at the cross between a media and gaming console.

On the media side of things, Amazon has added its own Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu and two sports channels, MLB and NBA, more partners to come according to the company.

Amazon Cloud Drive will allow Kindle Fire users to send videos and photos from their tablet to the TV and Amazon has added X-Ray on the Fire TV, allowing users to pause in a scene and find out who the actor is and what they starred in.

On the gaming side, Amazon has over 1,000 titles in the store available to be picked up, with the average price for a paid game being $1.85 and most being free to play or entirely free games with no in-app purchases.

When buying the Fire TV, Amazon will push 1,000 virtual coins into the account. These work on games purchases and in-app purchases, if the game developer supports virtual coins in the game.

Fire TV comes with two remotes, one is bundled with the console and the other is sold separately for $39. The bundled remote is just a regular remote with voice recognition tech, a first for set-top boxes.

The $39 option is a game controller for anyone that wants to play games on a real controller and not a remote. Not sure if an Android phone will be compatible with the games, Amazon has said it is a closed platform so we doubt it.

Amazon will be offering Fire TV for $99 in the coming months. No word on if it will make it out the US, we expect Amazon will want this out globally to compete with the Apple TV and Chromecast.