A US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) document leaked this week, reveals a new Samsung  phone device model identified as “SM-T320”.  Zauba, an indian website that provide  detailed information on top imported and exported products, revealed that the product in question is indeed a new tablet from Samsung.


Interestingly, the FCC document is still available online and shows the specifics of the tests carried. One of the figure that caught my eye is the below one, detailing the probable dimension of the device:


Another pictures from the same document showing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro back layout:


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro Setting

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro tablet and more in the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2014) in Las Vegas from 7th till the 10th January.

Source: Zauba, MovePlayer.com and FCC.