android-wearGoogle has announced Android Wear, their SDK for wearable devices, extending the open-source mobile OS to devices on user’s wrists. Android Wear will not extend to augmented reality devices like Google Glass, they will work on GlassWare.

This is the first big move by Google into wrist wearables and comes after a few months of iWatch rumors and a whole new line of Samsung Gear smartwatches, on top of analysts predicting big things for wearables in 2014.

Android Wear is basically a shrunken down version of the mobile OS, most notifications are cards like Google Now and can be interacted with voice recognition, when the user says “OK, Google” followed by the message or question.

Users will be able to occasional get updates on things that are important in their life, including tickets/reservation numbers when they reach the event, updates to traffic and even informal updates like the football score.

Google wants to move people away from touching the screen on wearables and actually use voice recognition and contextual information, basically showing information at the right time instead of the user having to search for it.

Using voice recognition for the smartwatch and wearable bands appears to be the new thing and both Apple and Google will be heavily integrating voice recognition into the smartwatch, we are not sure how the average consumers will react to this being the only option when responding to a notification.

Motorola and LG have both revealed their first smartwatch running Android Wear, we are inclined to the Moto 360, simply because the circular design and big focus on making it look like a normal watch is what we want to see.

Samsung, ASUS and a few other Android partners will be making products for Android Wear for Summer 2014. Samsung is a surprising name on the list, considering they just launched their line of Gear wearables.

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