After hearing about Chromium code spotting out the Nexus 6 and Nexus 8, we were pretty confident the two devices would be announced sometime in 2014, but @evleaks has now revealed plans to drop the Nexus 6 and start work on Android Silver.

For those unaware, Android Silver is a new program by Google to “show off” the best of Android, by offering incentives to consumers and putting the devices front and center in stores and

This would make certain devices gain more ground, especially since Google is in talks with Verizon and AT&T, to have Android Silver smartphones placed inside shops and online for everyone to check out, these will be Google’s certified best phones.

To get on the list for Android Silver, Google has a few rules, make sure the device is well design and software is familiar to stock, the price needs to be good for what the consumer is getting and it needs to run on various cellular frequencies.

Getting manufacturers to give up their skinning process will be hard, but Motorola has shown how easy it is to achieve and how fans will give the smartphone once it gets rid of the 6GB of extra bloatware, most of which never gets used.

Dropping the Nexus 6 is interesting and we wonder what issue Google had with the new smartphone, in order to drop the phone from mass production and decide to start Android Silver early. Google might have never went into talks with LG, but the various rumors suggest they were at least thinking about launching the Nexus 6.

This also makes us wonder what the fate of the Nexus 8 will be and whether Android Silver will come to tablets. The idea of having a “best Android tablets” section is a little weird, considering the iPad still dominates sales and usage reports.

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