Google Hera: combining Android, Chrome and Search

google-hera-androidWe have heard before about Google’s plans to combine Google and Android, while the teams working on Android have been quick to say Chrome is another entity and shouldn’t be integrated, it looks like we will see at least some crossover.

Google Hera is the current name inside the walls of Mountain View and it looks to unify experiences across Android and Chrome, creating more Web based functionality on mobile with better functionality for users.

Changes will be made to the way users interact with notifications, multi-tasking and applications. Instead of replying to a message by opening the app, with Hera the user will be able to reply on the screen and never fully open the app.

This could lead to additional functionality like being able to confirm an email address for a service without opening Gmail and clicking the confirmation button. Little things that make everyday application use easier.

The multi-tasking change adds web searches and other app instances, instead of just showing recently opened applications. The user can then flick through the instances and use the app on the multi-tasking screen.

It is hard to figure out exactly what the end goal is for Google Hera, for the time it looks like a way to utilise some of the better features of the Web and further connect the user into their Google account.

On the Chrome end, it doesn’t look like the interface will see much change, with Google content on keeping the Web browser the way it is and improving the mobile platform to function more like Chrome.

The upsides of having more Web integration is the possibility of more HTML5 applications, even though most developers consider native languages to be more functional on mobile platforms, even Facebook who once though HTML was a godsend on mobile.

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