After disrupting the cloud business industry, Amazon has now its eyes on the communication and online meeting business.

Amazon Chime, the new product which was introduced Today, works across all devices and can be used for meetings, video conferencing, voice calls, chat, and content sharing. The product is primaraly targeted at business users and will thus compete with Cisco (Spark/Jabber), Microsof(Skype for Business) and Slack.

You can download Amazon Chime and test it Here.

Once you download the client follow the next steps to set it up on Windows:

Start Amazon Chime and click sign up. After you enter your email it will ask you to verify your email.

Amazon Chime Check Email Screen

Check your inbox for email verification

Press “Verify Me”


Once your email is verified, the following screen will be displayed

Amazon Chime verified

Amazon Chime Welcome Screen 1


The main screen include a Home button, Message, Call, Rooms, Meeting and an Add Contact button. You can also use the search to look for contacts within your contact list.

Amazon Chime Welcome

Similar to Skype or Spark from Cisco, you can set your availbility. Three options are available: Busy (Red), Available (Green) or Automatic.

Amazon Chime Main Window

When Starting an instant meeting, Chime asks you whether you want to use your Mic and Speakers:

Amazon Chime Audio Mic

You can then choose between a “Personal Meeting ID”, where the meeting will take place on your personal meeting room, or a “One-time Meeting ID” where the meeting will take place in a unique online meeting room.

Amazon Chime Personal Meeting ID

The meeting room allows a variety of features, including:

  • Add Attendees
  • Record Meeting
  • Enable Mic and Speakers
  • Lock the meeting, which will not allow any additional attendees to join the meeting
  • Enable Event Mode
  • Start a video conference
  • Share Screen



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