Released on 2nd November 2012, the iPad 4 is Apple’s latest in tablet computing and according to the latest surveys conducted by Apple, 81 percent of tablet web specific traffic actually emanates from their iPad technology. This new iPad features a 25cm or 9.7 inch screen and is powered by a A6X chip, which is at least two times quicker than the previous A5X chip. It also has got plenty of additional changes up its sleeve.

The A6X Chip

The A6X is not just faster than ever before but also capable of generating twice the number of graphical requests without eating up the battery. Ultimately, the chip helps in delivering a crisp, decidedly faster and user intuitive experience.

Retina Display

Retina display is the norm today as it makes the screen razor sharp, text stand out clearly and colours more immersive. Watching video and pictures on the screen is vivid and vibrant thanks to the impressive 3.1 million pixel density.

Slimmest Connector Yet

When the designers at Apple dropped the thickness of the new iPad to a never before seen thinness, they were presented with a unique problem. The old connector would not power up this beauty and in came the ultraslim connector. Instead of the 30 pin standard from Apple, this one features right signal full-digital design that is much more durable and efficient. Apple calls it the Lightning Connector.

Battery Backup

The battery for the iPad 4 delivers an impressive 10 hour life, which is astounding considering its slim form factor and the fact that it is considerably more powerful and feature rich than the last iPad.


As always iPad 4 brings high quality video and picture quality to the foray. It packs a 5 megapixel camera at the back for stills and captures HD quality video in 1080p. The front cam drops down a notch taking videos at 720p when making video or Skype calls. But that’s not all. Once you get a picture you can process it, make changes right from the iPad to get the best possible quality. The same applies to videos too that can be cut, cropped, merged and more with the Cinematic Classic.


  • Superior Performance – With the A6X integrated processor handling the CPU and GPU tasks together, it is faster, durable and intelligent. iPad 3 is twice as slow and less vivid than the A6X in the iPad4.
  • Awesome Backup – Watch videos, stream live content online or play games, no matter what Apple promises a maximum 10 hour backup at a stretch.
  • Simple And Elegant Design – iPads have always pushed the boundaries of tablet fabrication and the iPad 4 does this with its slim and petite form with a simple yet friendly design.
  • Clarity – Because of the Retina display you actually see every single detail in full HD without glare, pixel drop or any other complication.
  • Apps Gallore –Apple store is filled with apps specifically designed for the iPad 4. Currently there are over 300,000 apps.
  • Next Gen Connectivity – Apple iPad 4 offers 4G LTE, the future of connectivity.


  • Lack Of Ports – Don’t expect to plug and play with your computer or any compatible device directly. There are no USB or HDMI ports. You need to purchase adapters separately.
  • Fragile Screen – The Retina display is weaker than previously used Gorilla glass and it is prone to cracks and can break easily.
  • Expensive – As with any new Apple product, the iPad 4 is pricy. It is actually twice as much as the nearest Kindle and about 50 percent costlier than the last iPad.
  • Heavy – You would never expect something so compact and stylish to be so heavy but the iPad 4 is actually weighty in the hands.

iPad 4 is an gadget worth investing into but you may want to consider purchasing a screen protector and a cover for the same.