Apple made a big move when they revealed the iPad Mini, not only because it was a shot against what Steve Jobs proclaimed was a bad size for tablets, but because it was Apple’s big volley hit against the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

The original iPad Mini made a momentous crack in the market, selling more than the larger iPad last year. This did chunk into Apple’s own market and some analysts believed it was cannibalizing, but realistically it just meant Apple could compete in two different sized tablet markets.


The design of the second generation iPad Mini remains unchanged from the original design. Apple has decided this will be the aesthetic for every iPad, adding the same design onto the larger iPad Air this year.

Comparing the iPad Mini with Retina Display to any other tablet on the market, in terms of design, is quite pointless. Unless you are a fan of rubber plastic, the iPad Mini just wins hands down every time with its cold aluminium body that just screams premium quality.

The size of the iPad Mini with Retina Display is perfect for most of the iPad functions, without being so small it is hard to watch full HD video or read a book. The full size of the iPad Air will be preferred if you love streaming movies, but the iPad Mini offers a more comfortable one-hand approach.

Apple has shipped the retina display on the second edition of the iPad Mini, hence the name. The resolution is 2048×1536 or around 326ppi. Comparing this to the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX, it is actually a step up, but still a little step away from the 2560×1600 resolution display on the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition).

The changes are minimal and Apple has decided not to add TouchID on the iPad Mini with Retina Display, making it an exclusive iPhone 5S feature. It does seem a little odd Apple isn’t shipping the fingerprint sensor onto the iPad Mini with Retina Display, it is one of the defining features of iOS7 and would have made more sense on an iPad, especially in the enterprise sector.


Apple has added their newest processor to the iPad Mini with Retina Display, making this a true high-end tablet unlike the first, that was mid-range in the specs department. The A7 processor brings true 64bit architecture and it looks like Apple will be adding this feature to all new mobile products this year.

Comparing the iPad Mini to the second generation is a like comparing the iPad 2 to the iPad Air in terms of performance, it is just country mile better. The A7 processor manages to make all processes fast. Gaming on the iPad Mini with Retina Display is much more fun with the A7 processor alongside the retina display and we are just waiting to see the new slew of games that take advantage of Apple’s new chip, already Infinity Blade III is soaring up the charts as one of iOS’s finest.

True to the previous iPads, Apple has slotted a rather impressive battery into the iPad Mini with Retina Display. The smaller tablet is not going to last as long as the bigger iPad Air, but it will still get through a day no problems and may even extend to two or three with light use.


The iPad Mini with Retina Display is a beauty on the inside and out, when it comes to tablet applications, Apple still reigns supreme with the iPad apps store. It is just miles ahead of Android, not due to size but due to the fact so many applications are created for the larger screen and take advantage of the 7.9-inch retina display.

iOS7 will be hit and miss for users, it does bring an entirely new operating system that does not take long to learn for those that have never used iOS and is a simple visual update for previous iPhone or iPad users.

Multitasking, Control Center, auto-updated apps and other features make iOS7 a pretty neat update and even though some of the new menus and animations may annoy users, Apple is updating the OS with various small changes and bug fixes, making sure users get the best.


The iPad Mini with Retina Display pushes the price up, but it is worth the price increase. Apple has not only made the Mini a strong contender against high-end Android tablets, but it has made the choice between an iPad Air and iPad Mini all about the most comfortable size for the user.

Android tablets are few and far between, the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX can compete with the iPad Mini with Retina Display in some areas, but Apple is still clearly in the lead when it comes to apps.

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