The Kindle Fire HD 7” Laid Bare


Kindle Fire, Amazon’s attempt at grasping a portion of Apple iPad’s market share now gets an overhaul with the UK launch of the Kindle Fire HD 7” on 25th October, 2012. This new generation of Fire tablet computers will be available to consumers in two versions, a 7 inch and 8.9 inch tablet edition. As of now, only the 7” Fire HD is available in UK markets.

Update: On the 14th March 2013, Amazon announced the availability of the Kindle Fire 8.9 in the UK.

A Brief Summary of The Kindle Fire HD

To start off with, the screen is much sharper than usual with HD quality video playback. It’s also quite simple and intuitive to set up, coming pre-registered with your own personal Amazon user account so that you can get started immediately. Plus, this means that you get access to all your purchased content on Amazon from the moment you switch your Kindle Fire HD on. The interface and navigation seems intuitive enough, hardly taking any time getting used to.

Language support ranges from German, Spanish, Italian to French, English and a few others. This also sets the default dictionary settings. Another improvement observed in the HD 7” is the use of Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with accessories such as keyboards, speakers, headphones and much more. The battery life is rated at 11 hours and enable you to watch videos, play music, read or browse the internet without worrying about charging your battery a few times a day. It also comes inbuilt with games such as Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope HD and Angry Birds Space HD.

Video Specific Features and Enhancements

The Kindle Fire HD 7” screen size might seem smaller than an iPad or competing tablets but its crisp detailing and resolution of 1280×800 actually looks quite vivid on the smaller screen. It also features a front 1.3 MP HD quality camera and plays videos at 720p. The high definition LCD screen brings life and richness into movies, HD videos and live streamed content. It also supports HTML5 or the BBC iPlayer and can stream via a HDMI cable to your HD complaint television at home.

Sound Specific Features and Enhancements

With the Kindle Fire HD you can now listen to podcasts or music in Dolby Digital Plus environment that recreates a stunning audible experience, which is not limited to only headphones.  To fuel up crispness in sound produced from the external speakers, it uses dual-driver stereo speakers, one placed on either side of the display to mimic the effects of a Dolby 2.1 setup at home.

Parental Controls and Features Specific To Kids

The Parental controls are simple to use with password protection, restriction of websites, content purchasing and using the full Kindle Fire HD content libraries. It also comes with something called Amazon for Kids that lets children enjoy their favourite cartoons, animated movies and play simple educative games. Children can also explore plenty of educative and fun ebooks, flip through picture books and discover thousands of story books, children novels and pictorial ebooks on Kindle. Games such as A Day at the Circus, Drawing Pad, Cat in the Hat etc. are all available for download with the Kindle Fire HD.

Internet Browsing Experience

Featuring full Skype and Facebook integration, the Kindle Fire HD lets you get close with family and friends anywhere in the world. Get chatting face-to-face on Skype or make calls abroad using free Skype app from the Amazon store or hop onto Facebook and share, connect or play with friends. You can sync photos, share quotes or passages out of a book you loved, or play games live on Facebook.

Video And Photography Capabilities

Not only does the Kindle Fire HD display vivid photos and play amazing HD videos but also lets you share and enjoy them with others in stunning HD quality. Either via HDMI on your large TV screen or over the internet, you can import, edit and share all your pictures from your Mac or PC, draw, paint and even doodle if you like.

But There Are A Few Cons Too

Like all technological advancements, the Kindle Fire HD also suffers from a few cons. It has an inbuilt storage space but no expansion slot. Thankfully, the free cloud storage space on Amazon helps a bit here. And if you hate seeing advertisements on your apps then it costs an additional 10£ to have them removed permanently. Finally, the quick charger does not come bundled with the Fire HD. This charger costs 12.99£ but its well worth the investment as it cuts down charging times by 10 hours.

Before you jump to any conclusions about the Kindle Fire HD, remember that any games, apps or other stuffs you purchase for your Fire tablet can be operated on other Android devices. You can view apps and books on your Mac, Windows, iOS or Android, watch movies from LOVEFiLM on your PS3, XBOX360, iPad, laptop and do much more.