lg-g-watchThe LG G Watch was one of the less notable smartwatches announced when Google revealed Android Wear. Motorola gained all the hype, with their rounded Moto 360 smartwatch, adding to the hype with their Google Hangout.

Now that the hype has settled down a bit, LG has decided to reveal release date, price and the finalised design to Pocket Lint, showing off the LG G Watch for the first time, the company’s first smartwatch.

This comes just a few months after LG announced the LifeBand Touch, their wearable for fitness and health. We are not sure when this will be coming to market, possibly at the same time as the LG G Watch. It does show LG is focused on wearable markets in more ways than one.

The LG G Watch looks an awful lot like the Galaxy Gear in terms of size and design, with a rectangular watch-face. The sad thing is it all look plastic, including the rubber plastic band, although this does look swappable.

Comparing this to the Moto 360, which is made from stainless steel with a premium leather or metal strap, it is a bit of a bad sell. To make things even worse, this is the year the iWatch and other premium sellers are looking at smartwatches as a genuine market.

However, to skip away from the premium idea of smartwatches, the LG G Watch will cost under £180 in the UK. This means the smartwatch will be cheaper than the Gear 2 and the Pebble Steel, making it a bargain for people wanting to try out the smartwatch.

Android Wear will be the killer feature on the LG G Watch and we are relying on Google to make some smart decisions when it comes to the user interface and integration Google Now into the platform. We wonder if LG will make any software for the LG G Watch, they didn’t announce any today.

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