lg-g3The LG G3 might be coming next week, but LG cannot seem to wait for the official announcement, already showing off the new Quick Circle case and now the camera, display and design in three short videos.

The videos do not show much, apart from the specifications. All three are sixteen seconds long and split into three different parts, the last showing the LG G3 with the Quick Circle case, something LG is already promoting.

LG’s Quick Circle case is a change on the Quick Window case for the LG G2. Instead of a square interface, the LG G3 is circular. The circular interface offers its own lock-screen and home-screen, with six applications.

The six applications are: calls, messages, fitness, photos, music and settings. The settings app might offer a way to change the available apps on the Quick Circle interface, swapping ones the user doesn’t need for others.

First of the three videos shows the camera, rumored to have a  laser assisted focusing system. We expect the LG G3 camera to have a 13MP sensor and come with OIS, along with 4K video playback and a slow-motion video option. 

The screen will most likely be somewhere between 5 and 5.5-inches an come with a 2560 x 1440 resolution display, the second QHD display announced so far and the first to come to the US and Europe.

This could give LG a large advantage in the specs race against Samsung and HTC. LG’s design has let them down in the past, but the third video showed a rather impressive metal unibody, although that does not work well with previous rumors.

LG will reportedly have a removable back and battery along with a microSD slot. We have only seen plastic devices offer removable backs, not metal ones, meaning LG might be adding a faux metal back that is actually plastic.

While we hope this isn’t true, LG is a South Korean company and they appear to love using plastic in Asia. LG will officially announce the LG G3 on May 28.

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