Microsoft_Surface_PRO_2_Microsoft has released their monthly Patch Tuesday update for all products and services. This month, the Surface 2, Surface Pro and Pro 2 have all been updated, along with new security updates for Internet Explorer and Windows.

The firmware update is mostly about adding support for the Power Cover, Microsoft’s keyboard for the hybrid PC. Interestingly, Microsoft will not updating the Surface RT right now, although they did not rule out an update in the future.

This could be due to Microsoft simply abandoning the Surface RT, after it being a commercial failure. Still, we find it a little odd that they would leave the tablet without support after a year, considering it still sold around 900,000 units.

Microsoft will be updating multiple finger support for the Touch and Type Cover on all three tablets. Again, the Surface RT has been left out of this part of the update too, meaning it will fall behind even more.

The Surface 2 has been updated to fix a bug keeping the tablet from waking up once it was put to sleep and will update the Pro and Pro 2 network connectivity issues, along with stability and experience improvements on all three tablets.

The Surface Pro 2 will get an additional update to support DisplayPort 1.2 and BitLocker, allowing the Surface Cover to include PIN input. Microsoft has not said if this feature will come to the original Pro unit, we suspect it will not.

Internet Explorer 10 has had a spit of bugs, include a day-zero bug that targeted members of the United States military. Microsoft has said this patch will be a clear wipe of all bugs affecting the browser, we hope this is true.

Overall, this is a good support patch but we are a little worried Microsoft is stopping Surface RT patches already, just a year and a few months into sales. The Surface RT may have not been a commercial success, but we would like to see the near million users who still may use the device treated the same as other Surface members.

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