mozilla-firefox-new-redesignFirefox has always been criticised for being rather ugly compared to the competition, Google Chrome has a simple aesthetic and Internet Explorer appears to be on the up with a new redesign and vastly improved performance compared to previous versions.

Mozilla has finally announced a redesign to Firefox on the Web, giving it a modern look and streamlining some of the functions. The biggest change is in the UI, with Tabs, Menu, Bookmarks, Firefox Sync and Customise all getting updates.

Tabs now fade into the background, bringing the one that is being used into the front. The Menu bar now has ten widgets, instead of a text menu. Bookmarks can now be saved at the click of a button, instead of saving and setting the bookmark.

Firefox Sync has been updated to take advantage of new users or people switching platforms, allowing Firefox to collect data from another browser, including cookies, saved passwords, recently viewed websites and other stored content.

Mozilla has also added a new Customise tool for users, allowing them to take control of the browser and add or remove any feature. This level of customisation is “unmatched” by any other browser, according to the Mozilla team.

Firefox has always been a little behind the curve when it comes to design and modern look, while Internet Explorer is always trying to redefine itself and Chrome comes with the classic and simplistic look, Firefox felt like it was from another era.

With a few changes, it feels like the browser is back in the race and it is already winning when it comes to privacy and Add Ons. Mozilla appears to be less focused on Firefox in the past few years, as they move to Firefox on Android and Firefox OS, their own mobile operating system that is currently making rounds in developing countries.

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