ayi-com-ios-and-androidA new interesting report from online dating website AYI.com reveals some of the trends between iOS and Android users, showing how iOS users are more likely to be earning high income and willing to spend that online, while Android users are just the save Joe.

Apple’s iOS users will be fitness fanatics and earn more than $100k per year, according to the rather dubious report, while most Android users struggle to earn over $60k. iOS users tend to work in engineering and development fields, while Android users work in manual labor jobs.

This is not the first time we have heard these weird statistics and groups being put together, almost framing Android for being this underwhelming platform for people who cannot afford iOS. This is the weird thing, especially when the most popular Android devices are the one’s at the same price as the iPhone.

What we would like to see is graphs on revenue, Google Play does not make as much as iOS Apps Store and iTunes to this day, but how close is the gap in 2014, have Android users become less likely to purchase digital items or are they starting to embrace apps and media like Apple’s users.

Android and iOS account for about 90 percent of all smartphone users, around 2 billion worldwide. Of course, AYI.com is limited to who actually uses their service to dig information and this information can easily be false, with people making up random wages, lifestyle and job choices to try and lure in respective partners.

Considering the vast amount of Android is in developing nations, we can see the wages for Android users being lower, but this shouldn’t rub off on people who are looking to move from Android to iOS or visa versa. The platform does not make you poor or a hipster and we shouldn’t try and exploit this like people in the Mac/Windows era did.

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