samsung-galaxy-s5Interestingly, Samsung decided this year they wanted to take on the competition at Mobile World Congress, instead of move their main flagship launch event to their own event, where they would get all the media attention.

It almost feels like an offensive move by Samsung against all the other manufacturers at MWC, even though tech news websites will cover almost anything newsworthy, the South Korean giant managed to engage the audience to their smartphone more than other flagships at the conference.

Whether this was a smart decision will be based entirely on how well the Galaxy S5 does in the upcoming months, considering the Xperia Z2 was one of the quietest launches we have seen in a while and the HTC launch does not happen for another month, we can see the Galaxy S5 doing quite well.

The Galaxy S5 feels like another iterative update in the series, the design has been changed but it is not the metallic unibody we previously heard rumored, instead the Galaxy S5 comes with a soft touch dimpled leather back.

Samsung has added a 5.1-inch 1080p display, not the 2K display we were hoping to see. Internally, the Galaxy S5 is running a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16 or 32GB of internal storage and a 2800mAh battery.

It is odd to see 2GB of RAM instead of 3GB and there is also a lack of 64 or 128GB of internal storage. Weirdly, Samsung has played this conservatively on the internals side, not stepping up the game.

However, on the features Samsung has not stopped, they have added a fingerprint sensor and heart-rate sensor. The fingerprint sensor works with a swipe motion on the home button and PayPal has been integrated from the get-go.

The heart-rate sensor works with S Health and allows the user to check heart-rate and pulse live on the app. It is a rather unique feature that we are sure fitness fanatics will love to try out.

Other than that, Samsung has scaled down on the UI, taking a flatter design for icons and adding Magazine UX, amongst other small changes and new software features.

Overall, the Galaxy S5 is bound to sell a few hundred million units, but it is not really a groundbreaking smartphone, rather a little edge up on the Galaxy S4. We wonder if HTC or Apple will take advantage of this small iterative upgrade in any way, possibly by making a big leap forward in tech this year.

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