samsung-s-circleSamsung may be looking to add yet another wearable into their list early this year, according to a new FCC filing showing the S Circle, a wearable fitness band without an interface, cropping up on the website earlier this week.

The S Circle has got a rather odd name, considering Samsung is trying to push the Gear moniker for all their Tizen powered wearables. We believe the S Circle could be named the Gear Circle when it is finally released the public.

Unlike the Gear Fit, the S Circle will not have any LCD user interface and the front will probably be a few light up LED buttons and notifications, but will offer no interact for the user, instead having to pair it with a smartphone.

Samsung may have to brand out their support if they want the S Circle to succeed, unless they decide to offer it out for free with a new Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 3, similar to what they did with the Galaxy Gear last year.

The S Circle steps into hard territory, Nike Fuelband and FitBit have both worked hard to maintain a good level of design and functionality with their fitness bands, something Samsung may not be able to surpass this year.

Design is not just how the FitBit and Nike fitness bands look, it is about how they function, how the software and services are built around the device to make it more usable and friendly, making it easy for a user to keep coming back and inputting information.

We do not believe Samsung will ever reach a design level FitBit are currently on when it comes to wearables, unless they decide to acquire FitBit. The S Circle does not look ugly but it is certainly not worth taking a second glance at against some of JawBone’s best wearables.

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