iphone-6Apple is looking to diversify the iPhone 6 from its predecessors, by adding two new sizes for users, drawing more competition against Android and Windows Phone devices.

Previously, Apple has only changed the iPhone screen size from 3.5 to 4-inches and kept the same width. The iPhone 6 looks to change all that, adding a 4.7 and 5.5-inch model to compete heavily against Android phones.

It had to be now, Apple has been sitting in the dark when it comes to small screens, with every single manufacturer on Android and Windows Phone stepping up to 4.5-inch and above when it comes to flagship devices.

In order to properly compete, Apple needs to add two iPhone 6 sizes into the market. The first, the 4.7-inch model, looks to take on the HTC One, Galaxy S5 and other smartphones around 4.5 to 5-inches.

The 5.5-inch one aims to take on the Galaxy Note, Xperia Z Ultra and other gigantic phones. We are not sure how Apple will work their magic on the larger device, rumor has it they will name it the iPhablet.

We believe the iPhablet will be the more expensive choice, possibly costing $299 on contract with 16GB, while the iPhone 6 will come in at $199 on contract for 16GB.

Both phones should come with the fingerprint sensor, Touch ID and new mobile payments, alongside the new A8 chipset and higher resolution displays.

As for the iPhone 5C, we may see the successor named the iPhone Color, offering a cheaper plastic design with the same 4-inch display, for $99 on contract.

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