13 Cool Gadgets 2019

Over the years we have seen many new gadgets coming to the market. Some left us spellbound while others did not make the cut. We have only just stepped into 2019, and we have already seen some exciting innovation. Here are 13 cool new gadgets to buy before the year ends.

1. Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

The second generation Echo is cheaper, sleeker and sounds better than its predecessor. Amazon ventured into the smart-home speaker industry, with its revolutionary speaker, Echo. With the new generation, the developers have added many upgrades.

It has been remodeled to compliment the interior home decor. The fabrics of these cool new gadget are removable, and you can swap the cover with other designs. It comes with the usual LED ring, a button on top to activate Alexa and two more buttons to control volume instead of a twist dial. It also has Bluetooth.

The new firmware update makes it better sounding. It is acoustically superior sounding with stronger bass than its previous version. Like any Alexa enabled device, you can interact with Echo using your voice or the app. If you are looking for something new, the second generation of Amazon Echo a smart choice.

2. Kindle Paperwhite

Book reading experience has never been the same since the e-paper technology came to the picture. Kindle Paperwhite is the right choice if you are looking to capture a whole new experience. It is an amazing gadget with some great features.

With a simple design, Kindle Paperwhite comes at a very affordable price. It is durable and water resistant. With so many features like Audible and Bluetooth, nothing can go wrong with this device.

The Kindle Paperwhite is slim and lightweight. It comes with 8 GB/32GB memory, enough to store up to ten to forty of your favorite audio books. It packs the same 300 pixels/inch resolution as its previous version. The display is softer on the eye. The battery offers a one-week backup, during normal usage when Wi-Fi or LTE/4G is not in use.

Kindle Paperwhite is handy for any e-reader. The perfect combination of all the Kindle features makes it one of the cool gadgets to buy during 2019.

 3. HTC Vive (Gaming)

Welcome to the era of virtual reality gaming. The HTC Vive has not only shown great promise but has also delivered in every way. It is on the higher end of the price range, but if you have the dough you can cash in on it. It is a gadget which can enhance your whole VR experience.

The makers have done some serious upgrade in the HTC Vive. The design features an extremely futuristic look. It is heavier than other VRs, but it is something you would not notice once you get immersed in the game. The controls are versatile and perform exceptionally better. It has a wide field of vision and has a very efficient tracking system. It successfully follows your movements with precision, without any lag or delay. The demos and games which are made available to its users via SteamVR are outstanding.

Hands down HTC Vive is one of the best computer-based VR headsets. If you are looking for an out of this world experience this would be a good choice.

4. iPad Pro 11 (2018)

Where should we begin with this? There are so many things to talk about in the iPad Pro 11. It carries an expensive look with its cutting edge design. It is a ‘speed demon,’ and easily outperforms many portable PCs out there. Here is a powerful and stylish tablet, a cool gadget to buy in 2019, if you want to invest in something decent this year.With a 4GB Ram (6 GB in 1TB), A12X Bionic octa-core, neural engine and external memory ranging from 64 GB to 1TB, you can only dream of what it can do. It runs on Apple iOS 12.1. It offers a battery backup of around 10 hours with 7812 mah.

With its ability to use Apple Pencil and the first-party keyboard iPad, Pro stands out from the rest of the iPad lineup. It has arguably a higher screen-to-body ratio. It comes with Wi-Fi only or cellular option which supports 4G data coverage. You also have a 7 MP and 12 MP front and rear camera respectively.

The developers of iPad Pro 11 has configured it with so many new features, both inside and out. Almost everything about it is an upgrade from its older version.

5. Apple 15 inch MacBook Pro Laptop

Apple has yet again produced one of the most powerful laptops we have come across so far. The 15-inch MacBook Pro offers an overall high performance. With 32 GB RAM and Intel Core i9-8950HK CPU, it makes for a super fast laptop.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro might look like its 2017 predecessors, but it is much lighter and thinner. It offers a crystal clear bright image with a better keyboard and touchpad. You can also expect better audio quality from it.

It comes with a battery life offering 10 (or more) hours of intensive use. It also has one of the fastest SSD.

It is the best we have seen so far, and another on of those cool gadgets to buy in 2019.

6. Samsung Q9FN QLED (2018) and Samsung QE65Q900

Let us now talk about not one, but two cool new gadgets from Samsung. The Samsung Q9FN has been known for its versatility and is one of the most impressive television sets we have seen so far.  Its screen is a combination of the best of the two worlds of QLED and OLED. The video quality is a staggering 4K ultra HD view.

The design of Samsung Q9FN looks stunning with a matte gunmetal finish. It supports a ‘One Connect’ system where a single cable handles data and power. It has 3-USB port and 4-HDMI sockets.

Performance wise, it excels in dim as well as bright conditions. It is an impressive piece of gadget.

With so many talking about Samsung Q9FN QLED, here is now a glimpse of Samsung QE65Q900. If you think 4K resolution was impressive, wait till you get a glance of the 8K content of Samsung QE65Q900. We would, however, have to wait and see how this would fair.

 When it comes to the price, it is estimated to be four times higher than Samsung Q9FN QLED. Now the question is, why would you spend so much extra when you are getting a much more affordable set? Well, it is the first of its kind with 8K resolution.  It is a Smart TV that offers HD/SDR performance. With so much potential the Samsung QE65Q900 takes us into a realm of imagination. Only time will tell what it is capable of doing. With both offering some great specs these are some cool gadgets to buy in the months to come.

7. The Withings Move ECG

The very fact that it is a hybrid smart-watch makes superior.

It is one of the first products which offer an electrocardiogram on a classy looking consumer wearable watch. It is much more affordable and is compatible with Android phones, which makes it very user-friendly.

It comes in two colors. One is a black silicon strap with a black face, and the other with blue strap and white face. These are some cool new gadgets that could go on your wrist.  It is thin and comfortable on the wrist.

The entire design is aimed at comfort and looks. Though it might not be a feature rich watch, it is one cool gadget you would not want to miss this 2019.

8. Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is perhaps among one of the best smart-watches. From being just a pricey Apple accessory, it has now become an essential device with advanced health sensors.

The one of a kind smart watch from Apple comes with a more prominent display. It has a much faster processor and more advanced sensors. The watch is also available with GPS and cellular connectivity.

It might be a bit expensive for many, but it is a handy device packed with multiple features.

9. Arlo Q security Camera

Arlo Q is a powerful webcam based security camera. It is the newest edition under the company’s production line. It is built for an indoor setup and offers outstanding video quality. Its motion, and sound detection sensors are also off the charts.

As it is for indoors, Arlo Q is designed to complement the room décor. It is downright cute and compact.  The entire installation process is simple and very user-friendly. It also has a Web Portal which has all the instructional videos for installation.

The Arlo Q security Camera is a cool new gadget with a comprehensive motion and sound detection tools. It offers not only good video quality but also exceptional audio performance.

With load of features, Arlo Q is a cool new gadget to buy in 2019.

10. Anker Fast Wireless Charger

With this cool new gadget, you can save up to half the time charging any of your wirelessly-charged devices. The optimized charging stand offers high-speed charging and versatile viewing.

Anker Fast Wireless Charger comes with twin charging coils. It makes it easy for alignment. You don’t need to worry about the orientation as you can place it in both landscape and portrait mode. It offers fast and efficient charging even through cell phone cases up to 5mm thick. It is compatible with any device.

If you have a wirelessly charged device, investing on this wireless charging stand can be a good investment.

11. Samsung PRO Endurance 64 GB Micro SDXC Card With Adapter

We might never have considered Samsung PRO Endurance 64 GB Micro SDXC Card with Adapter SD cards as a cool new gadget. What features can you add to it apart from serving as a memory device? Well, the specs in the Samsung PRO endurance Micro SDXC might overwhelm you.

It comes in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. We will consider the 64 GB in this review.

It has an endurance rating of 26,280 hours for 1080P, built for devices like security cameras which have a long and continuous recording. It has a 3-years company warranty.

When tested with its adapter the Micro SDXC delivers up to 90 MB per sec of reading speed and 49 MB per sec of write speed. The card offers resistant against water, x-rays, temperature and even magnetic fields.

It is a highly durable SD card; highly recommended for continuous video recording.

12. Samsung Galaxy S10

The new Samsung galaxy S10 was released on February 2019. With a 1.9GHz octa-core processor, internal memory of 8GB RAM and external memory of 128GB RAM (expandable up to 512GB) it is a powerful android phone.

This new model comes with three rare pro-grade cameras (12 megapixels + 12 megapixel + 16 megapixels) ready to capture the highest quality picture and videos — the front camera supports 10 megapixels with autofocus features.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is a dual-SIM phone with both GSM and Nano sim features. Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 3,400mAH non-removable battery, with fast charging and wireless charging (also through the phone to phone charging). It also manages battery automatically to save power which helps it last longer.

With ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, voice recognition and face unlock system; it sets this phone apart from other Android phones. The long list of features and its high-quality perks makes it a very intriguing device.

13. Samsung galaxy fold

What comes better than a phone or a tablet? It’s the new Samsung Galaxy Fold which is both a tablet and a cell phone.  Samsung Galaxy Fold is 4.6 inches when it is folded and 7.3 inches when it is not. It gives you the experience and fun of using both phone and tablet at once.

This phone also provides the extended storage of 12GB RAM and 512GB RAM, with Android 9.0 (Pie) and 7nm 64-bit octa-core processor. Samsung Galaxy Fold has a 4,380mAH battery, with an advanced wireless power sharing feature.

The most exciting thing about this phone is that it has the highest number of cameras than any other phone.  Six cameras (3 rear, one front and 2 in the middle) it helps you enjoy every moment in any form.  It also has a high display quality.  Another unique feature is that Samsung Galaxy Fold is the only phone which supports Three App Multitasking, which we have never seen in any other phone.  This unique feature helps you to make the best use of your phone and enjoy doing what you want with a single phone.

This luxurious phone is for those who are in search to explore for a whole new level of the technological world — indeed one of the coolest gadgets that came out this year.