Math Wall Clock

This is a genuinely unique, mathematics inspired wall clock from Decodyne. Unlike conventional wall clocks that have traditional numbers or Roman numerals to tell the time, this wall clock makes uses of mathematical equations. Every demarcation has a different math equation which means that you need to solve the equation to tell the time! It is a perfect accessory in a math classroom, or you just want a unique wall accessory in your office or living space at home.

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The bold black and white color design allows it to blend and complement any wall decor. It measures 11.5 inches in diameter so reading it is made feasible from afar and its appearance is reminiscent of a blackboard in a classroom.

The clock runs on a single AA battery which eliminates the need for wires or cords to be plugged in for it to function. This feature allows it to be conveniently hanged anywhere you so desire. It is a lightweight clock which weighs 1.1 ounces.

It makes a great gift item for someone such as a teacher, an accountant uncle, an engineer dad or anyone that works in an industry that operates with numbers. It makes a great gift choice or a great addition to your personal collection of carefully curated pieces.