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The Ann Arbor t-shirt company is well known for producing excellent quality t-shirts. They are also known for their sustainable practices and wonderful employee treatment and benefits.

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This t-shirt is no different. It is made of high-quality fabrics and the most qualified staffs. The material is 100% cotton that was grown and ring spun in the US. The ring-spun feature makes the t-shirt robust, soft and breathable and lasts longer than the average tee. It is also lightweight due to the excellent quality of natural cotton.

The illustration and printing are all done by the skilled staffs at An Arbor, Michigan, using the highest quality inks and types of equipment. The designs are hand drawn, and screen printed which makes them great in quality and longevity. The high-quality ink for printing is sourced from Pineville in North Carolina, which makes them resistant to fading, and cracking. These QCM screen printing inks stay vibrant throughout the life of the t-shirt. The QCM ink is also unique in that it is free of toxins such as phthalate and CFC as well as carcinogen free, making them safe both for the wearer as well as the environment.

All the t-shirts from this company are made unisex and tag less for optimum comfort. They are short sleeved and have crew neck design. The ladies can also opt for a V-neck design if they so choose. The style of the t-shirt is very slightly tapered than the conventional boxy design. This is done to fit both the body of a man as well as a woman.

They are also pre-shrunk during the production process to allow them to fit true to size. The t-shirts are available in a wide range of sizes from XS to 3XL to accommodate all the t-shirt lovers across the different genders and sizes.