Spiral LED Lamp

This curved LED table lamp is the perfect lighting accessory. Its unique design adds a creative and personal touch to a bedroom or a guestroom or a living area.

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It is 17.7 inches long and 5 inches wide at the base, which makes it very stable. It is made using a combination of acrylic and aluminium for a strong contemporary look and excellent performance.

The 24 watts LED fixture is built-in and produces a color temperature of 6000K and 3800LM. The warm light generated is high-intensity but extremely energy efficient, which contributes to a low electricity bill as well as reduces its impact on the environment. It produces lifelong illumination without the need for replacement.

This elegant and stylish lamp is available in three colors: warm white, warm yellow and pure white which can be effortlessly interchanged using a switch at the bottom.

This spiral lamp from Makion comes with a 12-month warranty and is Amazon’s choice in the category of spiral lamps.