Star Wars 4-Waffle Maker

This waffle maker from Star Wars is a must have for any serious fan of the series. It is incredibly realistic, and the waffles are out of the galaxy, guaranteed to make you and your kids feel like a Jedi every time you eat your waffle.

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The cover is black in color with the X-wing fighter emblazoned on it. The plates are a combination of non-stick and ceramic which produces the most authentic looking golden brown waffles. Inside the contraption, four compartments produce four realistic, too good to be eaten, waffles. They are Star Wars logo, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, and rebel alliance symbol. Each waffle is 4.25 inches, and the icons are imprinted on it.

The built-in browning control, which is adjustable, allows you to cook the waffles to your liking. The cord wrap base makes storing it very effortless as you can store it in cabinets or even counters if need be. It also has a power indicator to let you know when the plate is hot enough to be used, and the waffles are cooked.

This incredible waffle maker is indeed a collectible. It weighs 4.84 lbs and is made of sturdy, grade ‘A’ plastic. Cleaning it is also very straightforward, wipe with a damp cloth as and when required, provided the plate has cooled down or when not in use.