Mini Metal Cooling, Personal Fan

This multipurpose fan from Opolar is the ultimate personal cooling system. It is USB compatible and works effortlessly plugged in from a computer, a power bank or any independent adapter. Its power consumption is extremely low at 2.5W, and it saves 95% more power than conventional fans.

The 6-inch plastic blades provide a steady airflow up to 3.7m/s, which is an efficient and sufficient personal cooling system. The fan can freely rotate up to 360° which makes it very versatile for use in any direction. The brushless motor makes the sound as low as 40db. It makes no detectable sound except for a slight whirring in the background. This allows it to be easily used for a baby.

The metal casing and the rubber stands make the fan very stable and vibration free despite its rotational movement. The rubber stand can also be adjusted according to the preference. The fan also comes with screws which are clearly visible and can be removed. This allows the fan to be easily cleaned as and when required.

It is powered by a USB cable which is a long 3.9 ft, making it very easy to be used anywhere you require it. The fan can be used on a table or a wall without it taking up space in the working area. It also has battery backup for outdoor activities such as camping. It weighs 13.4 ounces and comes with a one year warranty.

Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?

This Inky Penguin mug takes the power of words very seriously. The catchy words, “IT Dept, Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?” are bound to make anyone have a second look at the mug and possibly reflect on it.

The mug comes with a handy coaster with the same words emblazoned on it. They are both made of ceramic, and the mug weighs 281 grams. The catchphrase is written on both sides of the mug.

The Inky Penguin’s trademarked stamp is etched on the bottom of the mug to justify its authenticity. The mug and the coaster come safely packaged in a cardboard box with polystyrene casing to ensure its safe transportation.

The mug is perfect as a gift item or as a personal coffee mug when you get tired of being summoned and asked why a computer unit is not turning on.